Invest in the H.I.M. Center for the Holidays

HIM Center for the HolidaysWe are preparing to open the History in the Making Community Development Center (H.I.M. Center) in January 2018. We want to ensure that this center can be a place where students and families can be served and connect with the community. You can invest by helping to provide the supplies needed to encourage each student and family to feel valued at the H.I.M. Center.

Your investment can be made by contributing one of the two following ways:

PayPal @ PayPal.Me/himcenteraustin/25 

Wal-Mart Wish List (Click Image Below)

Below you will see our purpose statement, vision statement and focus pillars. Help us make history in our lifetime!

Purpose: Our purpose is to improve the quality of education in the community, enrich the quality of families within the community and develop quality leaders for the community.

Vision: We will encourage, educate and empower members of our community to make history in their lifetime.

Pillars: Our pillars of focus are education, economic development and family development.




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